MK-Eat 2 Grantee is: Say It, Play It: Stories from the Block

In Milwaukee on June 4, 2012 at 2:38 pm

We were able to award $200 to

Say It, Play It: Stories from the Block

James Murrell and  and the Playback Players gave a beautiful  on the spot performance of their work, which resulted in a landslide of votes for their project. Excellent work!

Please take a moment to look over the excerpts from their proposal, and consider being a venue for this amazing community connecting project.

Project Summary
With support from community-based partners (Alice’s Garden), we will produce a public performance using Playback theatre in which personal stories told by audience members are re-presented as theatrical improvisations on the spot. The performance (planned for August 2012) will be documented with photos and video. Leading up to the performance, we will conduct community listening sessions to elicit what the priority social issues are and to invite community members – especially youth and elders – to share their personal stories of struggle and triumph at the Playback performance. The geographic focus is the Lindsay Heights, Harambee and North Division neighborhoods.

Why This Project Is Critical to the Community

It is vitally important for community members to come together and hear each other’s stories. The story Playback performance and listening sessions help foster in the community: assurance that one is not alone in either her struggles or successes; and a space to empathize with each other and make meaningful connections that can lead to ongoing relationships with neighbors.

Project Leaders and Collaborators
James A. Murrell, Director, Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company
Yvette D. Murrell, Connector, Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company
Venice Williams, Program Director, Alice’s Garden

Contact Information for Project Leader
James A. Murrell, Director, Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company
2112 N Buffum St, Milwaukee, WI 53212

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