MK-Eat Proposal: The Winter Chapel

In Milwaukee on May 14, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Look what came in the e-mail:

The Winter Chapel

Winter Chapel 2011

Project Summary

The Winter Chapel is an annual installation, entering its fourth year.  Each year a different artist or collaborative team turns one room at Portrait Society Gallery into a self-styled chapel devoted to some aspect of winter. The environmental historian Dr. Jeff Filipiak presents his Snow Sermon annually as part of the project. We are working toward collaboration with Marquette University to install Winter Chapels in actual chapel spaces on the campus. We would also like to install Chapels each January and February in a number of places both indoors and outdoors around the city.

How will project be presented

A Power Point presentation will showcase the past Winter Chapel installations and explain the goals of the project.

Use of Funding

The funding will be applied to the building of the 2013 Winter Chapel by Kevin Giese and will be used to administer the outreach portion of the project.  The goal is to create a Winter Chapel each year at the gallery and then export it into the community. Every Janusary/February in Milwaukee would feature Winter Chapel installations around  the community.

Why is the project critical to the community?

The project represents an intersection of visual art, installation, environmentalism and spirituality. Each chapel is a small enclave of inspiration where a person can briefly step out of their day, sit within the installation and have a moment of calm. The project will help gain national attention for the city and celebrate what isn’t normally thought of as an asset: harsh weather, dark months.

Contact Information for Project Leader

Debra Brehmer
Portrait Society Gallery Director
207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 526
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Kevin Giese, artist, UWM faculty

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