Our submissions! Don’t delay!

In Milwaukee on May 8, 2012 at 3:06 pm

We want submissions not deadlines:

Currently MK-Eat has two great submitting artists. More, in this case, is better though, so we are opening our submission process until the current Kickstarter campaign ends on May 29, 2012, or until we have 10 submissions total- whichever comes first.

For now, take a look at our campaign:


Current Submissions:

Say It, Play It:  Stories from the Block

Project Summary

With support from community-based partners (Alice’s Garden), we will produce a public performance using Playback theatre in which personal stories told by audience members are re-presented as theatrical improvisations on the spot. The performance (planned for August 2012) will be documented with photos and video. Leading up to the performance, we will conduct community listening sessions to elicit what the priority social issues are and to invite community members – especially youth and elders – to share their personal stories of struggle and triumph at the Playback performance. The geographic focus is the Lindsay Heights, Harambee and North Division neighborhoods.

Presentation at Next MKEaT

A photojournal with photos and text reporting on the performance event and listening sessions will be presented at the next MKEaT. A short video will also be produced and presented.

Use of Funds

Funds will go to compensate the artist performers. Listening sessions will be organized and carried out gratis by the project organizers, however, funds will be used to provide food. Other funds will go towards materials and media for publicity, and compensation for videographer/photographer. Rental of a performance space (if necessary) will also be covered with the funds.

Why This Project Is Critical to the Community

It is vitally important for community members to come together and hear each other’s stories. The story Playback performance and listening sessions help foster in the community: assurance that one is not alone in either her struggles or successes; and a space to empathize with each other and make meaningful connections that can lead to ongoing relationships with neighbors.

Project Leaders and Collaborators

James A. Murrell, Director, Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company
Yvette D. Murrell, Connector, Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company
Venice Williams, Program Director, Alice’s Garden

Contact Information for Project Leader

James A. Murrell, Director, Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company
2112 N Buffum St, Milwaukee, WI 53212

“Things We Don’t Talk About”

Project Summary

Red fabrics drape from the ceiling and waves of warm sensations bathe you as you step in. I propose a Red Tent installation and film screening of my 1-hour documentary Things We Don’t Talk About. A Red Tent is a red fabric space where women gather to rest and renew. The Red Tent movement is an international phenomenon that promotes positive ideals for caring, healing, and community and furthers the goals of positive self-esteem for women and girls. Typically a Red Tent is for women, but for this event both men and women will be encouraged to have this experience.

Presentation at Next MKEaT

The Red Tent is dynamic and organic. Human interaction is what makes it compelling. I purpose transforming your space into a Red Tent and screening my groundbreaking new film. The creation of a Red Tent at this screening will expand the movie-going experience. Only by feeling the Red Tent first-hand will the viewer truly understand the power of the space.

Use of Funds

Receiving this grant is an important step in the community reach of this project. Several years of preparation, has gone into the successful outcome of these Red Tents and film screenings. Funding for this project would include covering the screening fee and securing additional materials to enhance the site-specific experience for creating the installation at the MKEaT venue.

Why This Project Is Critical to the Community

As a place to stop and rest, the Red Tent allows people an opportunity to step outside of their daily activities. My film not only presents a cohesive, heretofore-undocumented tradition, but also represents a practice that benefits women. The Red Tent and viewing the film will serve as a new space for educational and community interactions.

Project Leaders and Collaborators

Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost

Contact Information for Project Leader

5303 Brody Dr. Unit 103 Madison, WI

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